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PostSubject: Appo's Legacy FAQ   Appo's Legacy FAQ I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2008 2:00 pm

Appo's Legacy FAQ

Who Are You?

We are Appo's Legacy.

What Do you Do?

We are an Online clan that supports SWGEmu.

What faction is Appo's Legacy?

We are an Imperial affiliated guild, although, we allow our crafters and entertainers to stay neutral.

How Do you communicate?

Over Xfire and Ventrilo.

Why are you called Appo's Legacy?

I came up the with the name kind of randomly, Commander Appo was the active Commander of the 501st legion, he led the assault on the Jedi Temple, I liked the guy, so I thought he'd be a good basis for a guild name, then I stuck Legacy on the end because i felt like it.

How did you form A-L?

Me and Empa left our previous clan known as DSR, which is a long story which I can't be bothered to put here. DSR soon collapsed afterward, and the other people left over joined ER/IR/OsA who then decided they wanted to go to war with us.

Do I need to be active in the forums?

As a member of A-L, we require you to post at least 1 time per month, so we can know you are still "alive".

How do I join Appo's Legacy?

Simply go to: http://apposlegacy.forumotion.com/profile.forum?mode=register
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Appo's Legacy FAQ
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